FAQ pvDesign

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about pvDesign.
If your question is not answered, feel free to write to our support team

Does pvDesign run in AutoCAD?

pvDesign works as a stand-alone product on your browser. You only require an internet connection to work. However, you can export much of the documentation and layout designs in CAD format.

Do I need external data sources to work with pvDesign?

No, pvDesign provides default data sources regarding site topography (Google Earth), meteorological data (PVGIS 5, NASA SSE and NASA Power), horizon profile, and albedo data (NASA MODIS).
Customers can upload their own topography data in a CSV file as well as their own TMYs from SolarGIS, Meteonorm, Solaranywhere, and PVGIS 5. Meteorological data can also be uploaded by modifying a generic example file. In addition, users can create a custom albedo profile with monthly resolution.

Does pvDesign calculate energy yield results? What energy model does t use? Is it bankable?

pvDesign calculates energy yield results using in-house algorithms by our photovoltaic project engineers and software developers. These algorithms and the energy model they represent is currently being analyzed by an independent engineering firm.

Is technical support included during my subscription?

Yes. You can rely on our photovoltaic and software engineers Customer Success team. They are focused on improving the experience of pvDesign users. You will enjoy technical assistance via email from the first time you login in pvDesign.

How many users or seats does pvDesign have per subscription?

The number of users is unlimited for any annual plan. We encourage companies to use it across all their departments and offices. There is no geographical limitation.

How does pvDesign protect my information?

Both the data stored in pvDesign and the software’s infrastructure itself are deployed in AWS services (Amazon Web Services) and are located in the EU. Therefore we comply with the regulatory framework GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
Regarding its protection, the data at rest are encrypted following the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. On the other hand, data in transit is encrypted using SSL/TLS. Furthermore, our database is not accessible from the outside.
All our services in Amazon Web Services are periodically monitored by our expert team to analyze anomalies and check that everything works correctly according to our established procedures.
Additionally, your admin may enable a robust password policy as well as two-factor authentication (2FA).

Does pvDesign support rooftop projects?

Currently, pvDesign does not support rooftop projects. The software specializes in the design of ground-mounted utility-scale projects over 1 MW.