We created and maintain the web application Solar.creator for Fronius for inverter design.

Fronius Solar.creator

The Fronius Solar.creator offers a variety of functions that go far beyond the pure planning of PV systems.
The tool takes into account all steps from the selection of the location to the final report.
Automatic suggestions of other suitable Fronius solutions ensure optimal, fully comprehensive system planning.
The results of the configuration can be prepared individually and shared directly with customers, colleagues or technical consultants.

  • Connection to Google Maps and weather database
  • Location search by entering an address or setting a pin
  • Location-related irradiation data
  • Calculation of energy consumption using predefined load profiles
  • Load profile visualization on a weekly and annual basis
  • Connection to extensive and up-to-date module database
  • User defined modules
Inverter sizing
  • Automated suggestion of suitable inverters
  • Easy calculation of the optimum design result
  • Full control over the inverter selection
  • Automatic report generation
  • Easy calculation of the optimal design result with the most important key figures
  • Visualization of all energy flows in the system
  • Yield simulation over the entire year

Fronius International GmbH

Fronius is an international manufacturer of inverters (among others), based in Austria. Fronius develops, produces and markets Fronius string inverters and storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems. The range of products and services is supplemented by components for professional system monitoring, data visualization and analysis as well as for the increase of own consumption.