The following products of Renusol frame systems are integrated in our program PVscout 2.0

Frame system roof type Software calculation
VarioSole pitched roof system bill of material, statics
Metasole pitched roof system bill of material, statics
ConSole flat roof system roof planning*

* For the frame system"ConSole"a roof planning but no bill of material is calculated.

Description and advantages of the frame systems


  • The VarioSole portfolio is ideal for mounting and fixing solar on pitched roofs of any kind.
  • The System is available in black and silver.
  • With the huge portfolio in roof attachement accessories you are highly flexible and cover 90% of all your applications.
  • Compatibility with roof coverings such as Rosemary, plain tiles, natural slates, single, double roman, modern interlocking, trapezoidal-/corrugated metal sheet, fibre cement, etc.


  • For PV systems with framed pv-modules from 30 to 50 mm frame height. PV-Modules in landscape orientation.
  • MS+ in combination with adapter for PV on corrugated metal sheet roofing with radius 24 mm.
  • Installation directly into the metal roofing, with self-tapping and thread-forming screws.
  • VReadymade kits – suitable for the installation of PV systems on sheet metal coverings made of steel and / or aluminum in various thicknesses.


  • GSuitable for all flat roof coverings and redeveloped sites.
  • No support frame surface penetration
  • onSole is the ideal solution for mounting solar installations onto flat roofs or the ground, especially on redeveloped sites. CS+ is also suitable for small south-facing installations, such as on garages and bungalows.
  • The ConSole mounting solution secures the PV system with ballast, leaving the ground or the support frame surface intact.
  • Thanks to the simple basic principle of ConSole (1 ConSole = 1 PV panel) the individual solar modules within a photovoltaic system can be freely positioned.


Renusol Europe GmbH has been developing and distributing complete system solutions for the installation of photovoltaic modules since 1997. Renusol develops, produces and distributes modular systems for the reliable installation of solar systems on roofs of all kinds.