The Schletter Group is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum and steel photovoltaic mounting systems worldwide. The group manufactures mounting systems for roofs, facades and solar parks as well as solar carports.
With three production sites in Germany, the USA and China as well as an international network of sales and service companies, the Schletter Group is active in all important international markets.

The following products of Schletter frame systems are integrated in our program PVscout 2.0
Frame SystemRoof typeSoftware Calculation
Schletter StandardPitched Roof SystemsBill of materials, statics
Cross Rail SystemPitched Roof SystemsBill of materials, statics
FixZPitched Roof SystemsBill of materials, statics
FixGridFlat Roof SystemsBill of materials, ballast
Description and advantages of the frame systems
Schletter Standard
  • roof-parallel installation
  • One-layer mounting rack
  • Cross beams per module row
  • Module clamps for framed modules also available with potential equalization
  • Can be combined with all system components by Schletter
  • Simple mounting
Cross rail system
  • Cross rail system for unfavourable fastening points
  • Wide spans are possible
  • In many cases, a reduction of the number of fastening points is possible
  • Exact aherence to the fastening points
  • Slight elevation on various roofs for framed modules (elevation angle of 5 - 7°)
  • Designed for vertically mounted framed modules with heights from 1.3 m to 1.7 m.
  • Mainly fastened using trapezoidal sheet metal clamps
  • Fast and easy to mount
  • Better rear-ventilation
  • Better self-cleaning
  • Optimum load transfer by means of the roof cladding
  • Extra yield with favourable system priceLeichte
  • Fixings: Rapid and Standard; Roof hook Rapid, Universal and VaMax
FixGrid 18
  • Latest generation of flat roof solar plants of any desired size
  • Modules are arranged in closed rows with a fixed tilt angle of 6° or 13°
  • Minimum superimposed loads
  • No additional fastening of the mounting systems through the roof cladding required
  • System optimized in both material and tool requirements
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An overview of all mounting systems integrated in PVscout 2.0


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