J&W GmbH is a system provider in the area of plant engineering and highly professional services for technical building equipment. Since 1998 J&W has been active in photovoltaic plant construction.
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The following products of J&W frame systems are integrated in our program PVscout 2.0
Frame SystemRoof typeSoftware Calculation
Clamping system single layer Pitched Roof SystemsBill of materials, statics
Clamping system cross-connectionPitched Roof SystemsBill of materials, statics
EasyTrapezFlat Roof SystemsBill of materials, ballast
Description and advantages of the frame systems
Clamping system single layer and cross-connection
  • Fixings: EasyProfile roof hooks
  • This structurally tested fixing technology has the advantage of a lower roof and additional load: Because of the design and material, EasyPanel weighs less than other system
  • Very fast installation because of the ingenious design with just a few assembly parts
  • Best possible solar yield due to optimized angle of inclination and spacing of solar modules
  • Very low roof load due to use of aluminium and stainless steel components
  • Clean to fit: No holes need to be drilled, no metal shavings on the roof surface
  • The installation of photovoltaic systems on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs with the EasyTrapez is not only a fast, safe form of fixing, but also guarantees maximum protection of the roof skin function, flexible configuration options and outstanding cost efficiency.
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An overview of all mounting systems integrated in PVscout 2.0


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