PVscout adaptation

A PVscout adaptation includes both an adaptation of the program interface in the individual corporate design and also an alignment of the software to the specific requirements.
This produces a stronger bond with partners and customers – at attractive prices and on good terms.

Whether it's for frame system manufacturers or system houses, we design a software program that is precisely aligned to the individually required functions.

The following options are possible:

  • Solution without licence costs incl. frame system planning or inverter planning
  • Solution with licence costs incl. roof drawing with module layout, frame system planning, inverter planning, storage planning and so on.

A PVscout adaptation is suitable for firms with between 10 and 500 or more users.

The following areas are frequently requested:

  • Incorporation of own prices with article numbers and individual product database
  • Direct issue of quotation to customer
  • Connection to goods management systems (e.g. alphaplan, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP) or CRM (Sugar CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint, etc.) and online shops
  • No media interruptions from order acceptance to transition to maintenance
  • Operation of PVscout as a single workstation option or on a Citrix server / terminal server
  • Optional: Licence management in your own hands

See possible implementations of an integrated PVscout adaptation here .

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