The following products of T.Werk frame systems are integrated in our program PVscout 2.0
Frame SystemRoof typeSoftware Calculation
One-layer StandardPitched Roof SystemsBill of materials, statics
Cross Rail System StandardPitched Roof SystemsBill of materials, statics
Triton elevation southFlat Roof SystemsBill of materials, ballast
Triton East WestFlat Roof SystemsBill of materials, ballast
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Description and advantages of the frame systems
Mounting systems for pitched roofs
  • For pitched roofs with tiles or panels, beaver tail coverage, slate, trapezoidal sheet, seam cladding, sandwich panels or fiber cement boards
  • T. Werk has the appropriate roof fastener for every roof covering.
  • High stability and minimal use of small parts for mounting are the hallmarks of our mounting system.
Mounting systems for flat roofs
  • When the roof can be statically loaded, T.Werk recommend elevations with weightings from curbs.
  • When the elevation are on a low pitched roof, which is oriented towards south the attachment of the elevations is possible on the base rails or directly on fasteners
  • Modules can be mounted directly or through the base rails.
  • If the flat roof shouldn't have an additional burden, the Triton south and Triton east/west elevation systems is just right.
An overview of all mounting systems integrated in PVscout 2.0


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