Site Inspection Tool PVsit – Annual subscription


Site Inspection Tool PVsit
Annual subscription

The perfect app to our sizing software for PV plants PVscout 2.0

  • Now available
  • Online-data collection sheet
  • Data collection of the site for planning a PV system
  • Applicable on any device, such as IPhone, IPad Pro, iPad Mini, IPad Air, all Android devices

The most important features at a glance:

  • Complete recording of all data on the construction site
  • Easy transfer to PVscout
  • Direct dispatch of all planning data by e-mail
  • Fast and detailed data recording
  • No media disruption
  • Simplifies teamwork


  • German
  • English

Simple and easy site inspection in just three steps


1) Data collection of the roof using Google Maps

AAlways start roof detection at the southern edge of the roof. This roof edge is then displayed as a yellow line.
BSet the corner points as accurately as possible so that the roof dimensions can be accurately measured.
CIndicate the inclination of the roof.
DChoose a module type to cover the roof.
EIf you click on a module, you can remove it to leave out modules in certain areas.

2) Enter the required data.

3) Send all data by click.

system requirements:

Current browser, Internet connection

Any questions? No problem – please Contact us!

Annual subscription

120.00 € exkl. USt.

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