Inverter design

"For us, inverter planning means complete system planning. If a user, for example, lists various roofs that belong to his project, we can determine the ideal combination of various inverters." Harald Zeich, Head of Software Department

Customisation – visual and functional adaptation

Our independent programs specially for inverter sizing are developed as web or desktop applications and laid out in the individual corporate design. To achieve the best possible advantage for the manufacturer, the program is integrated optimally into the existing IT landscape. All the technical properties of the inverters can be mapped.

The following functions are integral parts of the software:

  • All standard inverter topologies
  • Extensive yield prognosis with time-discrete data
  • Combination of different inverter types with intelligent scaling
  • Manual switching, e.g. as downstream more precise definition of the sizing
  • Switching of several generator surfaces also with different module types, alignments and inclinations
  • Planning of cabling incl. dimensioning for yield optimisation
  • Integration of low- and medium-voltage guideline

The following extras can also be integrated into the software:

  • Worldwide postcodes database
  • Location search using geodata
  • Extensive module database with regular updating
  • Internet updating for program, location data and databases
  • Clearly laid out, comprehensive printouts
  • Various location formats
  • Presentation of various accessory items, such as monitoring or low-voltage guideline

See possible implementations here .